3 Chores To Stop Putting Off

Everyone does it, putting off chores you know you should do. They don’t even have to be that difficult or time consuming, but somehow they always seem to be at the bottom of the list. Now is the time to tackle some of those pesky chores.

Clean the Refrigerator

It’s amazing how much debris can accumulate in your refrigerator over time. Start by checking expiration dates on your food, and throw out whatever is out-of-date. Then scrub down your refrigerator’s shelves and door. Do the same in your freezer, too. End by wiping down the outside of your refrigerator, paying close attention to the top, which is always dusty.

Fix Your Fabrics

You could also take a close look at the fabrics in your home. They may need fixing or at least a good cleaning. Inspect your upholstery and curtains or draperies for wear or tears, and bring them to someone who specializes in fabric repair Willow Grove PA. Use an upholstery cleaner on your furniture, and throw your curtains or draperies in the washer. Give your carpets some care as well, spot cleaning or even steam cleaning as necessary. You home will feel and smell fresher.

Organize Your Closets

If you tend to randomly toss things into your closets until they are so cluttered that you have no idea what you own, then it is time to clean out and organize your closets. Do one at a time, taking everything out and sorting it (in sections if the closet is large). You might donate some items to charity if you no longer use them. Then wipe down shelves, walls and bars, and put your belongings back in neatly. You could purchase a closet organizer system or even some extra boxes or baskets so that everything has its place.

These chores may not be all that fun, but accomplishing them can make you feel highly satisfied in the end.