3 Ways to Get the Most From Your Pool Remodel

Is your pool leaking? Is your filtration system slowly disintegrating? Or is your pool just not good-looking? These are just a few reasons why people decide to remodel their pools. However, if you decide to remodel your pool, make sure to maximize your time and budget. Here are three changes you can employ to create a massive transformation in the overall design of your pool and can even save you money in the process.

Take the Time to Give Your Deck a Makeover

Whether you are looking for pool deck remodeling Boca Raton, Los Angeles, or Phoenix, changing your deck turns your pool into a noteworthy destination. A deck frames your pool and influences the overall design of your backyard. Over time, tiling and decking can become worn and unsightly as well as dangerous. To make sure that you don’t fall, make sure to choose a material that won’t become slippery when wet. Consider accessories like railings, ladders, and fire pits to increase the safety and visual appeal of your deck. If you are really looking to make your pool an oasis, consider adding an outdoor kitchen complete with a grill, sink, and mini-fridge. Even if your budget is small, a deck remodel is a must-have for anyone’s personal paradise.

Resurface or Refinish for a Striking Change

Resurfacing or refinishing your pool not only can reconstruct the look and feel of your swimming experience but can also increase the longevity of your pool as an investment in your home. While it does require a larger budget, the process is worth ensuring a safer environment by removing rough and uneven surfaces. This will also create a welcoming space for swimming. Because there are many colors and customizations to choose from, this is a great way to really invest in making your pool your own. If keeping it simple is your aim, stick to a basic plaster, but you can also make your pool look irresistible by adding glass beads, smooth pebbles, shells, and stones.

Save Some Money With Energy-Efficient Equipment 

Remodels aren’t always about spending money; investing in energy-efficient equipment like LED lighting, a variable speed pool pump, or solar-powered features can actually save you money. While different colored LED lights can be installed to transform your pool from ordinary to extraordinary, they are also environmentally friendly, especially when compared to other lighting choices. LED lights are available in all sorts of colors such as blue, red, green, and magenta and can even be programmed to entertain you with light shows.

Remodeling your pool and deck can be an exciting opportunity. Utilize these tips to make sure you make the most out of your project and trust professionals to handle the more technical aspects. From the smallest changes like LED lighting to a full resurfacing, your pool deserves to look its best.