How To Maintain Spotless Carpet When You Have Pets

It’s never too early to adopt good carpet cleaning habits and when it comes to keeping your pets from ruining your carpeting, you need to get into some tried and true maintenance routines.

But while good habits are also something you need to instill in your pets as well, mistakes and accidents can still take place every so often. Whether the puppy pees before getting outdoors or the cat hocks up a hairball right in the middle of the room, you’ll find that maintaining an entirely spotless carpet can be a tough task.

Don’t be too hard on your furry friends, they don’t know that they’re doing any damage and even if they do know that peeing and pooping in the house is wrong, it might be out of their control on certain occasions. Sometimes it’s not even pee, poop, or puke that’s causing your carpet problems, your pet may be doing damage to the rug or carpet without even knowing it…and it’s your fault!

Wipe Those Paws

When you let your pets run around outdoors, they’re out there having the time of their lives. It’s your carpet that will pay the price, however, as those little paws are running through all kinds of dirt, mud, leaves, and other assorted terrain that will most likely end up in your home and tromped across your carpeting material.

So if you want to keep your carpet from sustaining the type of damage that dirty paws can cause, be sure to remember to wipe those paws thoroughly before your furry pals come back inside. You can do this with a mild wet wipe or a clean cloth.

Extra Protection

You have a few options to protect the fibers of your carpet from accidents and messes. You could call a Redondo Beach carpet cleaner to apply a protectant over the carpeting and seal it from resisting stains and spills. If protectant isn’t the right option for you, there are less expensive and simpler options in the form of throw rugs and runners.

Just get a few and lie them down in the areas that see the most foot and paw traffic so as to minimize the area that can become soiled or damaged in any way.

Act Quickly

Another useful method for keeping your carpets spotless is by getting to those spills and accidents as soon as they happen. This isn’t always possible, of course, which is where the protectant comes in handy. But when your pet makes a mess of any kind, you’re up against a ticking clock and you better act as fast as you can.

This is because waste materials can seep into the fibers and backing material of your carpet, leading to stains and odors that linger longer than you might like. When you are able to pick them up fast, you’re leaving these things on the fibers for a shorter period of time and reducing their ability to stain and damage the carpet. So move fast and pick up those messes without delay.