Why You Need to Light Up Your Yard

Having a beautiful garden during the day is a wonderful sight, but have you considered ways to make your yard more appealing at night? Here are some of the reasons you need to add lighting to your yard.

Add Some Drama

Well-placed lighting outside your home can add some attractive flair to your facade at night. You may choose to highlight certain elements in your yard, such as an interesting tree or sculpture, which can make your yard more dramatic once it’s dark. There are many different types of outdoor lights, so you may want to seek out professional landscape lighting St Louis MO companies who can help you decide what would work best for your yard.

Keep It Secure

You are probably well aware that home security measures can include locking doors and keeping garages closed, but you may not know that lighting up your yard can be one of the best ways to dissuade intruders. By adding exterior lights, especially on walkways and near doors, your home will be less likely to be visited by anyone looking to break in. The reasoning behind this is that potential burglars are easier to see in the light, so you or your neighbors may be able to spot them. Exterior lights can also be turned on when you leave town, making it look as though you are home when you aren’t.

Make Your Life Easier

Having a well-lit yard is a good tip for preventing strangers from trying to break in, but can also help with your own personal safety. It can be dangerous to traverse a yard, especially if there are steps or weather hazards such as ice, so lighting up walkways can keep you from tripping and hurting yourself.

There are many advantages that come with adding some lighting to your yard or garden, but these are some of the top reasons to consider it. Every yard can benefit from added beauty, security and safety.