The Pros and Cons of Led Lanscape Lighting

It’s not surprising that homeowners and contractors are choosing green lighting options, with so much emphasis on renewable energy. Because of their energy efficiency and environmental friendliness, LED bulbs are a major player in landscape lighting.

The Pros of LED Lighting

Their energy efficiency is a major advantage for LED bulbs. These bulbs can also be called 12 volts LED light bulbs and can help you reduce your energy costs. An LED bulb is said to have an energy efficiency of 80-90% compared with traditional incandescent bulbs. This will allow you to save significant energy and money on your electricity bills.

The LED bulbs have a very long life expectancy. A standard incandescent bulb can last approximately 2,000 hours, while LED bulbs can last up to 100,000 hours. You will be able to buy only a few bulbs and save money on labor since you won’t have to pay an electrician to replace them every so often. LED lamps have a higher durability rating. They are made of materials such as glass, which are harder to break than regular incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.

Cons of LED Landscape Lighting

The greatest drawback of LED lamps is their high price. Even though the cost of LED lamps has fallen in recent years, it still costs more than fluorescent lamps. They are expensive and prohibitive for many people.

The downside to LED lamps is their limited white light, which can make it difficult for you to create the perfect outdoor scene at night. White light is also not ideal for outdoor purposes due to its smaller coverage and reach.

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