The biggest kitchen stone countertops options you have now

Granite is one of the most popular kitchen countertops solutions. Although quartz is on the rise due to its durability and low maintenance, many people still choose granite. Why granite use to be the best selection for kitchen countertops?

This is power

The primary reason granite use to be chosen for kitchen products happens to be its unbelievable strength. This is a cool stone that will last you a lifetime. Marble definitely has a unique look, but the softness of the stone makes it a poor choice for certain areas. Natural granite products are an excellent choice for almost any room. Highly professional kitchens with large households, bathrooms, fireplaces and even outdoor outdoor kitchens.

Many colors available

Granite is composed of a number of minerals. Each stone is different, so you will definitely have a unique piece. The mineral composition of granite is the reason why granite products have unique colors. Granite contains quarts, feldspar, mica, and a number of other materials.

Granite colors can range from white to black and any other shade in between. A popular white granite stone is White Perl granite. White with a shade of gray granite with gray-pink blotches of various sizes.

Natural look that cannot be copied

Since granite is natural and created by nature itself, patterns, strata, spots and specks inside each stone cannot be duplicated. Each slab you look at will be different, making an individual countertop a unique piece. Some areas of the original slab may have fewer or more patterns than other areas.

Low costs

Most natural stones are porous and some are larger than others. Some customers still choose to install marble in their kitchens because the views of white are so beautiful. But, if they want to keep these Stone Countertops as clean as the day they installed them, it takes a lot of work. Granite, on the other hand, makes breathing easier. Visit website and check that it is not as porous as marble, so it does not absorb liquids as quickly. You also don’t need to seal this stone as often. Enough twice a year. You can even use a daily cleaner that has some sealant for some extra compaction strength.