Kitchen Renovations That Are Worth It

Are you ready to start a kitchen renovation? When you do renovations, you might struggle with finding a balance between choosing high-quality items that enhance the house’s look and not spending too much money. You want to see a good return on your investment, but you also don’t want to find yourself doing another renovation a few years down the road. Here are some renovations that are worth the cost and the effort of updating them.


The countertops in your kitchen likely take quite a beating. You’re constantly running into them, dropping things on them and placing hot items on them. Because of that, they probably look like they’ve seen better days. While you could go with something cheaper like laminate, you’ll likely find that they don’t last very long and that you have to replace them after a few years.

Instead, you should go with granite counters Mequon. Granite is one of the most affordable and durable stone options you can choose. It is extremely strong and is resistant to both heat and stains, meaning that it will last you for years to come.


If you have old, yellowing appliances, you should consider replacing them. Even if the appliances don’t look too bad, they likely draw much more energy than you realize, which could be driving up your utility costs each month. If you’re hesitant to buy brand¬†new appliances, consider going to a used appliance store. Many of the used appliance stores have newer models and offer warranties, all at a fraction of the cost of brand new appliances.


Like anything else in your kitchen, cabinets need regular updating. Over time, grease and dirt can build up on them, causing the paint to discolor. Additionally, hinges and handles can pull off, leaving the cabinets unsightly. If you’ve had your cabinets for ten years, you should think about replacing or refacing them. The new cabinets will dramatically change the way your kitchen looks and feels.