What to Look For in a Cooktop

Cooktops have helped dramatically change the way people can design their kitchens today. With a wide range of options, you can find cooktops that are equipped with special features like smooth surfaces, grates, and various cooktop configurations that you will love. In most cases, cooktops will be more expensive than a stove, but the fact that they can be installed almost anywhere in the kitchen makes the price worth it.

Types of cooktops

You can find cooktops at The Good Guys in three main types: electric, gas, and induction, with the first two being the most popular. The hotplates are very easy to clean and some are even available with sensors, digital end-of-cook reminders, and an electronic touch panel that was used to replace traditional handles. Also, those with the sensor option will allow the element to adjust to the size of the pan as it heats up, making cooking more efficient and even causing the element to automatically turn off if it’s on standby for a long time.

Do you want to stick to tradition?

You can also find gas hobs with sealed surface burners to help control spills and spills. They will give you excellent temperature control and are also found in powerful burners that are ideal for frying or cooking that requires high temperatures. You can also find enameled porcelain or cast iron cooktops that are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

How about an induction hob?

However, due to the many advantages that the induction hob provides, more and more customers find this type of hob attractive. Induction hobs are the newest type of this appliance that uses electromagnetic energy to heat a pot or pan of food. This allows the surface to remain quite cool during cooking, unlike when cooking with a gas or electric hob.

Using this type of hob will also allow you to cook faster, as user reviews of induction hobs actually report that they were able to boil water much faster than with an electric or gas hob, and they were also able to experiment greater temperature control. These great benefits are, of course, reflected in the higher cost of induction hobs, which starts at $ 1,500. Unfortunately, this hob only works with magnetic cookware, as it is incompatible with others.

Possible Cooktop Features: In most cases, you’ll find cooktops that are very flexible, allowing you to swap grates and burners. They are generally easy to clean and have precise temperature control. You can even find glass ceramic hobs that run on gas or electricity. This is especially useful for people looking for hobs that have an aesthetic appeal, as glass ceramic hobs can be found in a wide range of colors that can be used to complement your kitchen d├ęcor.