Tips for Choosing a Fencing Contractor

Fences not only improve your property value, but they also provide added security, privacy and appeal to your home. Although you can install a fence yourself, you may find that a fencing contractor or company will provide you with many customization options and install your fencing quickly and efficiently, requiring minimal disruption to your life. Before searching for a fencing contractor Lake County IL, consider these tips.

Locating Contractors

Friends, coworkers and loved ones are always great resources when finding contractors. You can ask them lots of questions about their experiences and collect the names of several companies. You may contact your local chamber of commerce and ask about local fencing contractors. You may also ask building contractors or companies for recommendations.

Don’t avoid doing your research to save time or money. You want a reputable contractor with appropriate licenses and experience, so contact prior customers and the Better Business Bureau to check their ratings and outstanding complaints. Also, look over online reviews.

Contact the Companies

Your next step will be to contact the companies on your list. You should ask about their experience in the industry and how many outstanding projects they have. Will they have time to fit you in, and how long will it take to install the fence? Also, discuss what industries they are involved in. For example, someone who does fencing on the side may not have the same level of dedication, expertise and care as a company that focuses solely on fence installation.

Verify Licensing

Fencing contractors are licensed by local construction authorities, so verify that their licenses are up to date. You should also verify their insurance because you do not want to be held liable if they get hurt or damage your property and do not have workers’ compensation and liability insurance, respectively.

Compare Quotes

Schedule times for the contractors to view your property. Then gather your quotes. Don’t just choose the lowest price, but the best contractor, materials and price.

Choosing a contractor may seem overwhelming, but with a few simple steps, your fence can be up in no time.