3 Ways To Boost Home Energy Efficiency

More people are starting to realize that everyday activities have a direct impact on the environment. As a result, there is increased interest in improving home energy efficiency. While there are numerous ways to do that, these three choices can have an immediate and noticeable impact on your household energy consumption.

  1. Increase Attic Insulation

Heating and cooling use more energy than most other home functions, so it makes sense to look there first for improvements. When it comes to heat loss and infiltration in a home, insulation is one of the first lines of defense. If your home was built in the last 10 years or so, it is probably fine. Otherwise, you may want to evaluate the R-value of your insulation and supplement it if needed.

There are several types of insulation you can choose from, so be sure to determine which one is best suited to your home’s layout before you start planning. Some are very DIY-friendly, while others lend themselves much more to professional installation.

  1. Upgrade Windows and Doors

The next places you want to examine are the windows and doors. If they are relatively new and energy-efficient, you might opt to make minor adjustments, such as adding caulking or weatherstripping. In other situations, it might be time to consider options for home window replacement San Francisco. New windows and doors can drastically cut down on drafts and air transfer between inside and out.

  1. Swap Out Light Bulbs

Older, incandescent light bulbs are problematic in several ways from an energy standpoint. For starters, they generate a sizeable amount of heat, which can raise room temperatures and counter cooling efforts in the summer. They also use substantially more energy to operate than newer options. That’s why if you want a simple, quick, and relatively inexpensive way to improve your home’s energy efficiency, upgrading to LED bulbs is a great choice.

By increasing insulation and upgrading or selling your windows and doors are excellent ways to improve energy efficiency. Swapping out older lightb ulbs to new LEDs is another option that can have big results with a minor investment.