Tips For Buying Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are by far the most used roofing material in America. What’s more, they come in various styles and colors and are cost-friendly. The following are 6 tips for choosing your asphalt shingles.

Color and Style

The color of your roof can make a statement about you. Pick it carefully. Besides color, which style do you want? Shingles come in various styles, such as three-tab shingles, architectural style, and slate shingles. Figure out what suits your needs and budget. You can even look at products like IKO shingles to see various colors and styles and what most homeowners prefer.

Discuss Your Options With Your Contractor

Research about asphalt shingles, but talk with your contractor about the options you have. Now that you have done your research, you will be able to make an informed decision.

Choose a Shingle With a Good Warranty

Pick a shingle with at least a 25-year warranty. Talk with your contractor and understand what the warranty covers and any proration periods included. The manufacturer should replace defective shingles at their cost.

Curb Appeal

Sometimes people overlook the roof as a contributing factor to the appearance of a home. Aside from protection, roofing professionals suggest that you also factor in curb appeal. A roof can symbolize up to 40% of the first home impression. Don’t allow unsightly black streaks to destroy your curb appeal.

Factor in the Wind Rating

Shingles experts like those at IKO Roofing advise that if your property is located in a heavily windy area, you should pick shingles that can stand storms. You can check out for various shingles that may protect your home from various factors.


Estimate the cost of your roofing materials. Get bids from more than one contractor, they may have pocket-friendly roofing options. Picking your asphalt shingles isn’t only about the appearance of your house. You should also consider the protection of your house and family.