Shower Head Water Filter

A shower head water filter can help improve your skin and hair. If you want to take advantage of better hair and skin and do not wish to splash out on an entire home water filtering system, a shower head water filter can be the right solution. You can easily replace your regular shower head with a shower head water filter and reduce elements such as chlorine and heavy metals like lead from your drinking water. In addition to helping improve your health, shower head filters are an excellent way to save money on home water heating costs. Here are several reasons why you should consider getting a shower head filter for your home.

In order to soften your water for showering, you need to use a shower head water filter that removes chlorine. Chlorine has been shown to cause dry and flaky skin and hair, which can be very discomforting. A shower head water filter that removes chlorine will also remove other unhealthy elements such as lead. Lead has been linked to a variety of developmental disorders including shortened life spans. If your skin and hair are especially sensitive, using a shower head water filter that removes lead could mean the difference between treating your skin and hair well or letting them succumb to dryness and other serious conditions.

Skin and hair that are subjected to hard water may start to crack, become flaky, and be dry more quickly than usual. Hard water also stains clothing, dishes, and showers. These factors make showering much less pleasant, which can make bathing a chore rather than a refreshing experience. If your water filters do not remove these contaminants, the buildup will only continue to get worse. Regular replacement of shower filters is, therefore, a must, as the buildup can make your water softening system less effective.

In order to protect your family, it’s important to find a shower filter that incorporates both the carbon filter mentioned above and one or more of the other important filters mentioned here. Carbon granules absorb chlorine, while activated carbon and bentonite have a tendency to trap other contaminants, including lead and other heavy metals. If the water filters include both carbon and other filters, they are more likely to completely neutralize any potential contaminants. A filter with both the carbon granules and the activated carbon, however, is more effective at removing contaminants.

Water filters that use ion exchange to remove chlorine, as well as bentonite and carbon filters, are also more effective than conventional filters at removing chlorine. Although they do not remove THMs, they are much better than nothing. Researchers feel that they are less of a health risk than chlorine because chlorine dissipates quickly. With a shower filter that includes one or more of these filters, you will experience up to a million percent reduction in the amount of chlorine in your body absorbs through your shower.

Because most people have very little exposure to THMs or other heavy metals through their normal daily showers, the need for such filters is great. In fact, some experts estimate that the average American uses as much as five pounds of contaminants during a single shower. To eliminate the risk of ingesting potentially harmful heavy metals through a shower, every household should consider investing in a good filter. Shower filters are available in a variety of types, so finding one that is right for you should be easy.

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