How To Add Old World Charm to Your Home

Your home is your castle no matter where you live, so when choosing furnishings, you want something with character that speaks to you. When modern decor doesn’t fit the bill, turn back the clock and opt for something reminiscent of times gone by. Here are five ways to add some classic old-world charm to your humble abode.

Display a Persian Rug

When looking to incorporate an old-world feel to you home, you can’t go wrong with the warmth given off by antique rugs Atlanta. Persian rugs instantly add class to any room where they’re displayed. Their vibrant colors and intriguing designs will captivate your guests and create a room you look forward to spending time in.

Hang a Gilded Mirror

There’s something so regal about adding an ornate gilded mirror to your home. Otherwise known as a baroque mirror, this type of looking glass is perfect for dressing up an entryway, dining room or a mantle. Resembling a piece from an elegant French chateau, this mirror commands attention from anyone entering the room. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself staring into it just a little longer than you should!

Install a Wrought Iron Chandelier

If you’re trying to channel a medieval vibe into your home, accomplish it with a wrought iron chandelier. This kind of lighting gives your dining room a rustic, one-of-a-kind look. With bulbs that look like candles, these fixtures can be purchased in circular or rectangular shapes. Match them with hanging iron lanterns perfect for outdoor lighting above your front door.

Add a Leather Reading Chair

Turn any spot in your home into a cozy nook with a timeless looking leather reading chair. These seats bring to mind an English gentlemen’s club and are perfect if you have a home library or just love cuddling up to read. Coupled with a luxurious throw, a leather chair will become your new favorite place to relax.

Appear More Worldly

Nothing finishes off your old-style design scheme like a framed antique map or a globe. A vintage map in a golden frame gives a historical feel to your home, and they’re also interesting to read. Globes are a lot of fun, especially for kids, and can be used as a desk decoration or an accent piece.

Add Personality

Your home is the one place you can unwind and completely be yourself. It’s your inner sanctum. If you’d really like to give it some personality, decorating with old-world pieces not only makes it look grand, but distinct from any other home.