4 Easy Ways To Make Your Yard More Attractive

A yard is more than the space around your house. It may be what sets the stage for first impressions among visitors. For some families, it is also a key entertaining or recreational area. These four tips will help you move beyond function to really make your yard stand out. Who knows? You may even notice that you want to spend more time outside once you are done.

  1. Increase Privacy

If you routinely spend time outside and you have neighbors close by, it is a good idea to add some form of privacy screening to the yard. This can be a traditional fence, or you might opt for a more natural hedge screen. If you do go with a hedge, consider whether it will provide sufficient cover year-round or just in warmer weather.

  1. Add Shelter

Having a place to go that is out of the sun and rain is a huge advantage if you do a lot of outdoor entertaining. Of course, a covered patio isn’t possible in every yard. Gazebos, pergola shades and arbors are just a few of the other options you might consider. There are products for just about every budget and style preference, so you are sure to find something that works for your family.

  1. Shed Some Light on It

Landscape lighting can completely transform a yard, often with very little effort. Modern solar lighting options mean you can install everything from light posts to path markers to floodlights without worrying about burying wires or hiring an electrician.

  1. Vary Colors and Textures

A space is more interesting (i.e. visually appealing) when it features a combination of complementary colors and textures. Use soft mosses around hard stones walkways, let vines gingerly creep over retaining walls and planters or use fabrics to create interest.

A few simple steps can transform your yard and make it more attractive. Adding lighting, providing a sheltered area to get out of the sun, and creating some privacy are all effective tools.