3 Tips for Cleaning Out Your Cincinnati Home’s Attic

When it comes to clutter taking up space in your Cincinnati home, few rooms are more likely to gather junk than the attic. From stored holiday decorations to toys your kids have outgrown, the attic is usually a catch-all for items you cannot fit in your closets. If you are ready to clean out your attic, there are a few tips you can keep in mind that may make tackling this chore simpler.

  1. Divide Up the Work 

Trying to finish this large job all in one day can leave you exhausted and frustrated, so begin by dividing the work up over several days, such as during a long weekend or vacation days. Empty the attic one day, then sort the items into piles the next. Finally, plan to return items you want to keep or store on the final day. This can help keep you motivated and finish the job in the time you set aside for it.

  1. Be Realistic About Available Space 

While you probably put many items aside for the future just in case you might need them, it is wise to be realistic when it comes to how much space you actually have to avoid storing too much junk. If you have not used items in a year or more and they are not suited for donating, call a company that specializes in dumpsters for junk removal Cincinnati to have it all hauled away.

  1. Reorganize for Safety 

Reorganizing your attic’s storage can help you avoid accidents, such as a fire. Residential attic fires are often made worse by cardboard storage and other materials that may fuel a fire, so return items carefully and do not block outlets or vents. Use clear plastic tubs to store your holiday decor and keep the exit to the attic clear.

While cleaning out your Cincinnati home’s attic may seem like an impossible job, planning ahead and following the tips listed above can help you accomplish your decluttering goals.