3 Things You Can Store Underground

If you are looking at ways to store bulk materials, you should consider underground storage. There are several advantages to storing things underground. Underground storage helps you economize space, improve the aesthetics of the landscape and keep things safe from outside interference. Here are some everyday things that are stored underground.

  1. Fuel

Underground oil tanks are a prevalent use for underground storage. These tanks are typically made of metal, steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, or composite materials. If your home heating system relies on oil, you will likely have an underground tank. Keeping the oil supply below the surface hides it from view, so your property will not have an unsightly structure. Petroleum is also regularly stored underground at gas stations where large quantities are needed for pumping fuel.

Keeping petroleum or oil underground has some risks associated with the tank and possible leakage. Strict environmental regulations require below surface fuel tanks to be registered and regularly inspected. If the tank leaks, you may have to do some environmental remediation. You can engage a firm specializing in oil tank services NY to assist in the regular maintenance of your underground fuel tank, as well as any extra clean-up that may be needed.

  1. Water

You can store large quantities of water underground for a variety of uses. Water is usually stored in a stone or mason structure. Stored water can be used in emergency situations, such as a fire. You can also use stored water for irrigation systems. Capturing excess rainwater underground is an environmentally friendly way to conserve and keep large quantities of water. Accomplishing the storage underneath the landscape saves space and eliminates ugly buildings.

  1. Food

Root cellars are widely used for underground food storage. Food storage is a must for anyone who grows a large number of root vegetables. Food storage beneath the earth’s surface is also used for other generally nonperishable items. Canned foods are good candidates for underground storage.

Root cellars are beneficial because they use the cooler temperatures in the underground to provide natural refrigeration for the foods being stored. You need to make sure that your cellar is constructed on a proper foundation to allow water to drain away from the structure.

Underground storage is a viable option for anyone seeking to store things. The structure for storage needs to be constructed in a way to keep whatever you are holding in optimal condition.