3 Designs Ideas Which Prove Walnut as the Best Solution to Your Wood & White Kitchen

As far as kitchen remodeling is concerned, the wood and white combination has always been a favorite for most people. They provide the perfect show, the white reflecting pristineness while the wood showcasing a timeless appeal; with both together providing the perfect transitional appeal. And in this blog, we shall be talking about one of the most renowned wooden materials for kitchen cabinetry, walnut.

Modern walnut cabinets are perfect to add a timeless appeal to a kitchen decor. Walnut is a wood that is characterized by its bold lies and knots. With a rustic appearance yet of tough quality, walnut kitchen cabinets can spruce up any kitchen interior. Every pattern of grain, loop, knot, curve, and line is unique and there is no chance of two walnut cabinets ever being the same. And when combined with white, these can provide the best appearance a kitchen can ever have.

Here are 3 ways in which you can give your kitchen a perfect Wood & White appearance:

  1. Modern kitchen with a rustic flair: This is quite a trend nowadays. Also known as a transitional look, it basically involves both a modern and a vintage appeal. For this, what you can do is go for walnut cabinets and along with that, opt for a full white granite countertop and island (if you have one). You can even have a white backsplash. A great way to complement the look would be to opt for pendant lights over the island which will cloak the whole kitchen with warmth.
  2. Earth down and sky up: As the phrase suggests, for this one, what we shall do is have the wall cabinets, walls, and the backsplash in white. This sets up the sky. And have walnut-stained flooring and the kitchen island with walnut cabinets. This sets up the earth. And voila!! We have for ourselves a kitchen the design of which has come from Mother Nature herself. This design gives the kitchen a unique elegant feel while providing the perfect contrasting character. A great way to enhance the look would be to go for a glass-tiled backsplash. This adds depth and luminescence to the design. Remember to have pendant lights in this setting too, that’s the perfect sun you can give to your earth setting.
  3. Wood & White for a small kitchen: Small kitchens are more often quite difficult to design. But if thought of in the right manner, can be turned into the most exquisite home decor. And as we are talking about modern walnut cabinets here, a great way to complement them in the small kitchen would be to opt for a white marble or granite countertop and along with it, a white microwave oven would be perfect. The door can make the small kitchen look more confined. So, what you can do is trade your regular door for a vintage French door (see-through). If you want more, you can also go for a nice-arched window above it. This brings in more light into the kitchen thus making it appear more spacious.

Additional: Walnut kitchen cabinets with a touch of Nature: While in the 2nd point above we made the kitchen look like Mother Nature, another way is to bring her into the kitchen is by using greenery for real. This means using plants as decor. This can be in the form of an earthen pot or anything else that is capable of holding a plant which you can water everyday make your kitchen a part of the natural environment. As for the kitchen’s decor, you can naturally have walnut cabinets for the walls and the island. Along with that you go for a natural white stone backsplash and white granite or marble countertop. Opt for stainless steel appliances to complete the look.

Keeping these 3 points along with the additional one too in mind will help you give your kitchen the perfect Wood & White appeal. Opt for walnut cabinets to have the perfect wooden finish to give your kitchen a vintage vibe cherished by one and all.