Top 3 Reasons to Live in Manayunk

Lots of people want to live in cities. They’re full of activity, job opportunities and diverse ways of life. But they’re not for everyone. Some people want to live somewhere quieter, others may think the city is too expensive. If you want to find somewhere to live that’s conveniently close to what the city offers without living in the middle of it, that’s where places like Manayunk come in.

  1. Proximity

Manayunk sits right between the city of Philadelphia and its western suburbs, providing easy access to city attractions and offices, without the hustle and bustle. Manayunk apartments are convenient places for students, professionals, and families to live in. The neighborhood has ample access to public transport like trains and buses, as well as close proximity to main roads in and out of the city. Lots of residents live here for the accessibility of places like schools, universities and hospitals.

  1. Diversity

Manayunk boasts all kinds of places to live – luxury apartments, studios, terraces and more. Students, families and young professionals all live in the neighborhood. Small, independent business owners are closely entwined with the community and visitors are welcomed. Manayunk is as diverse as the city of Philadelphia but with more of a small-town vibe.

  1. Activity

There are tons of things to do in Manayunk. The main street is full of small businesses, unique shops and restaurants. And the neighborhood hosts several festivals and events throughout the year, including the Manayunk Arts Festival. Shopping and events aren’t the only things to do in Manayunk, either. Several trails span the length of the neighborhood and beyond, like the Canal Towpath and the Bridge Trail. You can bike, run or walk on them.

Places like Manayunk offer people access to the advantages of city life without the need to commit to living in the city itself.