Characteristics of Rustic Interior Design

The term “rustic” is used to describe so many different interior design styles as of late. Some may think they have to live in a log cabin to have a rustic interior, and others may think they need to reside in a Tuscan Villa. Thankfully, there is a rustic interior designer Boulder CO to sort it all out. Rustic is a term that crosses boundaries but describes an aesthetic that is all-natural, rugged, casual, and aged.

Let’s take a look at some defining characteristics of a rustic interior.

Natural Is Emphasized

Rustic elements are essentially in their rawest natural state. A lot of wood and stone is used in a rustic interior. Fabrics such as burlap and canvas are commonly placed about the home. Rustic design has a simple and earthy vibe to it. Using raw materials are very common. Rather than using a wood that has a shine to it, using an unfinished or reclaimed wood is typical of the style.

It Is the Opposite of Modern

In a rustic interior, you won’t find any flashy artwork or geometric lighting. You also won’t find anything artificial such as plastic or any shiny metal objects.

Rustic Furniture Is Handcrafted

Keeping in harmony with the natural theme, rustic furniture is hand-crafted. Its design is generally rather simple and tends to be very large in size. It is designed for comfort, and ease of use. It is commonly constructed from materials such as raw logs and stones.

Rustic Plays With Various Textures

Both fabrics and furniture tend to have a rough texture to them. Rustic design isn’t about a cookie-cutter or perfect design. It is more about having a variety of textures, shapes, and colors. Raw fabrics such as animal hide may be found.

A sense of warmth is at the heart of rustic home design. A warm color palette often complements an oversized fireplace. You will find that a rustic interior just feels like home.