4 Things To Look for When Buying an Older Home

Real estate professionals claim almost 40% of homes for sale every year were built before 1970. That means chances are good that potential buyers will view one or two older buildings during their search for the perfect house. Here are some things to look for if you are considering purchasing an older home.

  1. Pests

As houses age, cracks can appear in protective paint, support structures, or floors. Over time pests will move into the cracks and infest the building. Termites, spiders, and mice are the most pervasive pests found in older homes, so make sure your home inspector knows what signs to look for.

  1. Water

Plumbing can be a problem in old houses because of the type of pipes used, how the home settles, and the way the pipes were fitted. Steel pipes can wear out in as few as 15 years, and the joints can break their seals in less than that. There could also be root damage from huge trees in the yard if they are close to the house.

  1. Mold

Old homes often have a damp, mildewy smell associated with age; however, that smell could also be mold. With mold spores rampant in moist environments, it is best to have a mold inspection Portland

to ensure the building is mold-free. An air quality test can also check for asbestos, dust mites, and other contaminants.

  1. Roof

Older homes often have older roofs, and that means there could be many problems. Check for damaged tiles, pest infestations, or sagging gutters. Your home inspector should also look for water seepage, damaged insulation, and broken eaves. Any type of roofing issue should be taken seriously because of the high cost of repairs associated with destructive water in attics and the house’s inner walls.


Older homes can offer quality and charm that new homes no longer possess, but with that magic there can be problems. If you want to buy an old house, make sure you check for the issues listed above to protect yourself from possible future financial problems.