Virtual Property Inspection During Covid-19

In the events following the rise of the Covid 19 virus, the government and property industry has been deemed an “Essential Service,”. COVID-19 has had to adapt to evolving market conditions and changing consumer sentiment about social distance in the real estate industry. Many typical activities like property inspections must be amended to fit the current health-safety guidelines. This has accelerated the uptake of tools like 3D virtual property and digital inspections. The technology is there to facilitate this either via Live virtual home inspections, Video walk-throughs, and 3D virtual tours.

Online System

First, one will need to implement an online system that can connect your agency to contractors, citizens, and developers. An agency will need cloud-based software to receive permit applications and inspection requests. This has helped simplify the process while working remotely.

A digital or virtual inspection uses technology like video calling apps, 360-degree photo and videos or immersive 3D video to showcase a listing to potential tenants remotely. In light of the pandemic, many agencies are using products like Zoom, GoToMeeting, Skype or even FaceTime to complete live walkthrough inspections.

Most virtual meeting platforms allow for the meeting to be recorded. The recording can then be archived on the inspection step for future review and reference. Prospective tenants get access to a secure online collaborator portal that allows them to review results and to support documents at any time during the virtual inspection process.

Online Live Property Inspection

A virtual inspection helps tenants get an accurate idea of the size, layout and condition of a property by use of video apps like Facetime, Facebook Live, Skype or Zoom. With the landlord, agent or property manager as host. They then walk prospective tenants through the property while tenants get the opportunity to ask questions. This will help you upsell your home’s features as you take them through.

Video Walk-Throughs

A video walkthrough uses dedicated equipment and software to record, edit and produce a professional virtual tour. This is then uploaded to a listing, to be viewed so that people can see. They detail all the key features in the property, including storage, natural light, internet connectivity, security, property inclusions and heating/cooling systems.

They cover the essential rooms in the property, starting with the kitchen, followed by the bedrooms, bathrooms, living room and exterior.

3D Virtual Tours

These require dedicated equipment and virtual reality software to create an immersive and interactive user experience. A 3D video allows one to re-inspect a listing at any time and share it with friends and family for their feedback. It also gives you additional functionality and features, like the ability to zoom in on details in a property.


There is every possibility that even after restrictions are lifted on open inspections, properties will have all forms of virtual inspection to make a listing stand out. Clients will view this as a premium piece of real estate, and property managers will successfully secure more tenants. The only disadvantage is that no matter how immersive the technology is, it is never going to replicate an in-person experience fully.