Steps To Properly Clean a Natural Stone Flooring

If you have a natural stone floor, then you know that not any off-the-shelf cleaner will suffice. Some cleaners can cause scratches in the stone, while others can dull the surface. Following a few simple steps when cleaning and maintaining your floors will help it look its best for years to come. If you would prefer to have the help of a professional, scrub and seal Manhattan NY services can find someone to help.

Know the Type of Flooring

Natural stone isn’t something that a one-size-fits-all cleaner works on. Knowing the type of stone you have will help ensure that you purchase the correct cleaner. Siliceous stone, which includes granite, slate, and sandstone, is relatively easy to clean with mildly acidic cleaning solutions. Calcareous stone, which includes marble, travertine, and limestone, is sensitive to acidic cleaning products and requires different care than siliceous stones.

Clean the Floor

Once you know what type of stone you have and the appropriate cleaner, it is time to clean. Before you do anything else, sweep or vacuum the floor to remove any dirt and debris. If using a vacuum, make sure it is free from any parts that might scratch the floor. Using a microfiber towel or wet mop, apply the cleaner. Work slowly and rinse the floors well. Start from the farthest corner in the room and work towards the exit. Allow the floor to air dry, and don’t allow anyone to walk on it until it is completely dry. For best results, regularly apply a sealant to extend the life of the stone.

Remove Stains Quickly

Stains can quickly soak into natural stone and should be cleaned up as quickly as possible. One crucial thing to remember when cleaning up stains on natural stone is that they should never be wiped up. Doing so could easily spread the stain, causing it to soak into more of the stone. Instead, remove any debris and blot the spill. Flush the area with plain water and mild soap and dry with a soft cloth.