Picking the Right Size Calf Hide Rugs

When buying calf hide rugs, size can be more important than you would expect. The wrong-sized calf hide rug can reduce the appeal of your home. Calf hide rugs are different from cowhide rugs. While cowhide rugs are made from the hide of grown cows, calf hide rugs are made from the hide of calves. Calf hide rugs are softer than cowhide rugs. Their texture is finer and they aren’t as big as cowhide rugs.

Finding the Right Size

Calf hide rugs are associated with luxury. They are soft and they add a touch of elegance that you may not experience with other animal hide rugs. They are soft and supple so they may work well as upholstery or throw blankets. You may also use them as centerpieces, area rugs, or drapes.

Just like any other hide rugs, you must think about the size. If you have a lot of open space, it makes sense to have a large rug. Smaller rugs are appropriate for smaller spaces.

Before making an order, take measurements of your room and think of the space you would like to cover. The average size of calf hide rugs is 36X26 inches or 41X31 inches. While estimating may work sometimes, it is not a reliable way of purchasing your hide rugs. If you are not accurate, you may end up disappointed.

If you are placing your rug under a piece of furniture, it should be large enough to go beyond the piece.

If your rug is too short, it may look out of place. If your rug is too large, it may be a tripping hazard.


Quality is the most important thing to consider when buying your calf hide rug. Fortunately, you don’t have to take a guess. There are plenty of ways to test the quality of your calf hide rug. The bunch test is one of the most common tests. Bunch the rug you intend to buy up and let it fall off of your hands. A high-quality calf hide rug will fall out without leaving any creases. Poor quality rugs will remain wrinkled for some time.

Check the coat of the rug. A high-quality calf hide rug should have a smooth, shiny, and healthy appearance.

If you are buying your rug online, it may be impossible to conduct these tests. You should, therefore, stay away from vendors with a bad reputation. Buy from vendors with a good return policy. This way, you can return the rug if it does not meet your expectations.

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