Importance of Styling Your Property Before Putting It Up for Sale

Selling a property is a long process. The real estate market is huge and competitive. Buyers have to make their property visually appealing to entice buyers. The way the property is presented makes all the difference. A beautifully listed property will be sold for the best possible price within a short duration.

Hire property stylists:

If you are planning to put up your property for sale, consider hiring professionals to style your property. Professionals understand the importance of good first-impressions and prepare your property in such a way it appeals to a wide section of people. They are aware of the techniques to employ to highlight key features of your property whilst making optimal use of available space.

They aid with furniture and palette selection and give your property the perfect make-over. Interior design plays a huge role for buyers and property stylists make sure to transform your space into a stunning and cosy one. If you are looking for experienced property stylists in Australia, get in touch with Huntley + Co.

This Sydney-based company is the go-to choice in Australia for property styling, decor and furniture hire etc. Their skilled stylists will help you design your space just like how you like it. They also join hands with interior designers to perk up the space. Let them know what kind of style you are looking for so that they can style your home as per your needs.

Interior design styles:

There are an overwhelming number of interior design styles available with the popular one being:

  • Scandinavian: Scandinavian style is all about clean line, simplicity and earthy materials. It involves creating a warm vibe using simple elements. Its key features include functional furniture, natural fibre throws, white/ gray walls, blue textiles, wooden floor etc.
  • Coastal/ Hampton: If casual beach vibes are your thing, Hampton style would suit you. Hampton makes use of natural textures, airy palette, timber floorboards, white plush sofas, well-positioned large windows, glass paned doors or open shelving in kitchen with white cabinetry etc.
  • French provincial: The four words that best define French style are refined, sophisticated, elegant and ornate. The style features whitewashed wood, soft linen, milkpaint walls, wrought-iron chandeliers, tables and chairs with curved legs, faucets and fixtures made of lustrous metals like gold, silver, bronze etc.
  • Contemporary: It includes a range of styles that came into picture during the latter part of 20th Unlike other styles which have prefixed set of rules, contemporary style keeps on changing according to changes in trend. Currently contemporary is about neutral colours, curved lines and minimalism.
  • Gothic: The name can be a bit deceiving. The style isn’t about embracing all-black – the palette includes rich purple, greens, blues and reds which are incorporated in appliances, accent walls and backsplashes. Its defining features include pointed arches, rib-vaulted ceilings, chairs with panelled sides and storage beneath etc.
  • Eclectic: Eclectic style involves fusing a variety of styles and periods using colours, texture, finish and shapes. Choose a particular texture and use it in at least three different places in a house. This style emits more of a causal and playful vibe.

Hire a property stylist to renovate your property and boost its value. Sell your property at the earliest without any hassle.