How Can I Make My Office Building Safer?

If you own an office building or are in a leadership position within a company, one of your highest priorities should be the well-being of your employees. One effective way to keep them safe is by not only making the office a safe place but also preparing it for any emergency. Accomplish this goal by following these suggestions.

Invest in Building Maintenance

The maintenance of the building and all equipment and devices inside is not only important to your company’s operations but also to the team’s safety. Emergency tasks such as clearing emergency exits and testing fire sprinklers Orange County CA are part of it, but so are daily repairs. For instance, competent electrical wiring ensures that people are not harmed by electricity and malfunctioning equipment, while effective plumbing prevents spills and floods.

Boost Security Measures

Your business location houses employees, client information, currency and countless resources, so it must be protected from any intruders. There are several security tools you can install throughout the building, such as:

  • Security guards
  • Alarm systems
  • Video cameras and monitors
  • Fencing and gates
  • Automatic door locks and hardware
  • Video intercom systems

These security elements either discourage potential interlopers from entering the premises or make it difficult to do so. Combine some of these measures with more practical solutions as well. For example, some indoor lighting gives the impression that the building is still populated at night.

Prioritize Emergency Plans

The workplace is vulnerable to various threats, from fires and tornados to active shooters and chemical spills. These situations warrant different responses, so you should prepare the workers to react appropriately. Create plans for each situation and use words and pictures to best describe them to the workers. Clearly label resources such as shelters and fire extinguishers. Hold employee drills to ensure they react efficiently and safely.

Your work crew should feel safe working in the company building. Use your leadership status and skills to enact these plans and protect your staff.