3 Important Things to Consider Before You Build a House

If you’ve made the exciting decision to build a home, your mind is likely swimming with great ideas and must-haves for your new digs. However, consider these 3 important things before you get too far into planning.

Be Realistic About Your Finances

It may be tempting to build a home with all of the bells and whistles, but before you contact architectural planning services, be honest with yourself about the budget and what you can really afford. Things like decks and outdoor kitchens, for example, are very easy to add after you have built the home and can save up some more money. Don’t roll more than you can afford into your mortgage.

Prepare for Hiccups

Hope for the best but plan for the worst. No matter how early you get started on building or how well prepared you are, outside forces like weather cannot be controlled and can easily throw you off track and schedule. Particularly if you are renting a place while building or if you are waiting to sell your home, build some extra time into your plan so that you aren’t left without a place to live.

Make a Must-Have List in Advance

Many people who have built homes before will tell you that the house would be perfect if they had only remembered that one thing. Go through your current home and write down all of the things you love and dislike about it. Does it have a mudroom? Is the washer and dryer in a convenient spot? Is the bathroom (and the tub) large enough to accommodate you and a spouse? Knowing exactly what you want upfront will save you lots of stress (and money) once you get building.

Building your own home is a thrilling process. Follow these simple steps and your build will be a breeze.