Is Your Home Child Friendly? Here Are 3 Things To Consider

When you have children, your life changes. Many desire to be the best parent possible. Your schedule alters to theirs. You put their interests first, and you definitely have to reconsider your home design plans. Expensive, hard-to-clean items just don’t mesh well with toddler development. If you’re wondering how to make your place a bit better for your kiddos, consider the following three things.

  1. Is Your Furniture Washable?

It’s amazing what little fingers can do to sofas and chairs. Consider purchasing furniture to wash with a cloth and toss in the washing machine. This saves you time and hassle trying to remove fudge stains or soured milk.

Leather is easy to wipe down with a cloth. Certain companies now make cloth sofas with removable covers! If something happens, slide it off and toss it for a quick wash.

  1. How Durable Is the Flooring?

Kids make a mess, especially on floors. They love to do crafts, dropping things on the floor. They spill drinks and food, staining the carpet and requiring extensive cleanup. Yes, you can restrict entry to rooms, but somehow it still happens.

Invest in hardy floors that look good and clean easily. Tile works for many as it’s an easy wipe and mop. Toss a throw run on top for color and softness. If it gets dirty, take it outside for a good scrub. Another option is wood laminate installation San Diego CA. These textiles are solid and battle moisture well. They do not have grout, making it one less stain to clean.

  1. Is It Easy To Organize?

Kids love toys, but they can move around and linger on the floor. Teach them to put things back and keep the ground clear by having baskets and bins nearby for efficient cleanup time. If you want your littles to learn where things go, use picture labels!

Life is different with children in the house, but it’s also full of energy and love. Be sure to consider how to make the space the best for them and you.