How to keep furniture safe whilst re-decorating

Over time, properties can get a bit tired looking or begin to look behind the times. When this starts to happen, the obvious choice is to re-decorate. This might simply be jazzing up one room which has seen better days or embarking on a more extensive decorating project. One thing you must do when touching up your home is keep precious furniture safe.

By focusing on this, you ensure it escapes any spillages decorating often brings and stays in the best condition. But what are the best ways to protect your furniture when re-decorating?

Put it out of harm’s way in self-storage

A great tip, to begin with, is simply putting the furniture you need to keep safe in a self-storage unit. This can work especially well for larger pieces of furniture which you cannot move around your home temporarily, while you redecorate the room in question. Of course, this is also a great option if you are re-decorating the whole property/multiple rooms and have a lot of furniture to store away safely.

There is a lot of choice around the UK in terms of self-storage units and most people now will have secure, great-value units to rent out close to them. Safestore is a great example of this and is a well-known self-storage company around the UK. Units like this also come in a choice of sizes, making it easy to only rent out the space you need.

Move furniture within the property

Just as protecting your room when painting is key, it is also vital to look after your furniture too. But what if you only need to keep furniture safe for a short amount of time?

Another way to look after your precious furniture in this case is to move it to another part of your property. As noted above, this could be into a room which is not being re-decorated or a shed/garage. This works well because it completely removes the furniture from peril and avoids it getting damaged in any way. It also gives you more space to work in the room(s) which are being re-decorated. If you do go this route, remember to wrap the furniture in protective packaging (like bubble wrap), so it stays in great condition when being stored.

Cover it up well

But what if it will only be a very quick re-decorating job which just isn’t worth moving the furniture about for? In this instance, the best route is to use dust sheets to cover up the furniture completely in-situ.

The key here is to make sure you leave no gaps and no way for paint, filler or any other materials to harm the furniture. If you buy the large poly dust sheets that decorating professionals use and cover-up everything well, you should have no problems.

Keep your furniture safe when re-decorating

The furniture we have in our homes is not only valuable but also possesses great sentimental value in many cases. As a result, it is essential to keep it safe when re-decorating. Whilst covering up furniture before decorating and moving it about within the property can work well, many homeowners choose the total peace of mind self-storage offers.