Upgrading Your Home? Start With These 3 Areas

Moving into a builder’s grade house can seem deflating, but a bland home can be upgraded more easily than you might think. When you’re ready to work with an interior designer Arlington VA to update your space, here are 3 areas to focus on.


Cabinets make up a large portion of the visual space in a home, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Small touches and bigger projects alike can make a difference in the look of your cabinetry. If you can’t spring for a more substantial update, try simply swapping out the hardware. Knobs and pulls from decades ago can make a room feel instantly dated, so hardware in a contemporary brushed nickel will modernize the look. If you want to tackle a bigger project, try refacing or staining your cabinets.


When houses are built, they often aren’t constructed with optimal natural light in mind. If you live in a suburban area surrounded by houses, you might be limited in your options. For instance, because your neighbors are close to you, you don’t have the luxury of bare windows. You’ll have to cover them with something, but you can ditch the standard blinds and shades. Instead, use your windows as a vehicle to add style and personality. If you’re going for a natural look, woven blinds are a great option. To keep things airy, linen shades will do the trick. They’ll give you privacy but diffuse the outside light, giving your rooms a breezy feel. Curtains can also block the view while adding a pop of color and texture.


Your stairs can either be unforgettable or a centerpiece. A quick way to upgrade your boring staircase is to add a runner with a graphic design. You can also stain or paint the wood on the railing. The basic newel post and balusters can also be replaced with more stylish versions.

Updating our home help you enjoy it more, but it will also add value. Start with one area at a time, and work steadily until you create the home of your dreams.