Tips for Maintaining Your Central Air Conditioner

As with all things in life, central air conditioning (A/C) units need some basic maintenance and care to remain in tip-top shape. If neglected, you may wind up paying for costly repairs earlier than you would otherwise need to. Additionally, maintaining your A/C unit properly can give you a few extra years of life with your unit. Try these tips below on your outdoor A/C unit condenser annually, and you may be able to lengthen your A/C unit’s lifespan.

Cut the Power

Before doing any work on your A/C unit, be sure the power is off.

Clear Debris

Remove the fan cage and get to work either with your hands or with a wet/dry vacuum to clear leaves and other debris that is likely stuck inside your unit. If this seems outside your skill level, consider calling in air conditioner services Holland MI.

In addition to cleaning the inside of the unit, clear debris around the unit. Weeds, vines and branches can end up growing all around A/C units,

Care For the Fins

Pull off the outer covers and then utilize a strong shop vacuum with a brush attachment to suck out all of the dirt stuck between the fins. Next, use the jet setting on your garden hose to hose out caked-on dirt from the inside out. If any of the fins are crooked, fix them with a butter knife or fin-straightening tool.

Keep it Level

Unlevel A/C units can have shorter life spans than their level counterparts. If you find yours is not level, use rot-resistant shims to get it back to where it should be.

Maintaining machinery left out in the elements can be a real chore. Even so, it is worthwhile if you prolong the life of that expensive machinery and keep your family cool and comfortable. Remember to cut the power, clear debris, care for the fins and keep the unit level.