3 Great Landscape Design Tips for Inexperienced Gardeners

Looking to improve your home’s landscaping, but don’t feel confident about your landscape design skills? Don’t be intimidated, even if you don’t have a green thumb, there are plenty of ways to show that you care about your landscaping. Here are three helpful landscape design tips that even inexperienced gardeners should try.

  1. Enhance Your Lawn

Luckily, it’s not too difficult to improve the appearance of any lawn. Start by hiring a professional service for lawn edging Arlington WA to trim the edges of your turf, giving your yard an overall neat and tidy look. Once you’ve freshened up the edges, move on to the interior of the yard. Sow seeds in areas that are patchy and target these areas heavily as you water. These simple steps will keep your lawn healthy during all seasons.

  1. Plant Floral Borders

Distinguish your yard from those of your neighbors by planting floral borders along your property lines. It’s best to plant a combination of shrubbery and blooming annuals in your borders – when grouped together, it adds mass and density to your borders, making them more of a substantial feature in your landscape. Consider adding curbstones to demarcate the edges of your planting beds, further delineating the space and adding some order to your garden.

  1. Add Dimension to Your Garden

Enliven your garden by adding the dimension of height. How exactly can you do this? Simply purchase a garden arch or trellis from your local nursery. Place your new chosen structure in a spot of your garden that could use some extra visual interest. Once in place, train flowering vines to grow over the structure, adding cascading greenery and color to your outdoor space.

Don’t let lack of experience hinder you from flexing your green thumb. Follow these tips and you’ll see just how easy it is to create an impressive landscaping strategy that will wow your friends and neighbors.