What Are the Types of Lighting Fixtures?

There are several types of lighting fixtures available in the market. These include Chandeliers, Pendant lights, and Recessed Lighting. However, there is an essential difference between these types. While each type has its advantages and disadvantages, it is best to choose the correct one for the place. Read the following sections to know more about the different types. These articles will provide you with essential information on the different types of lighting fixtures.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting, also known as special lighting,’ draws attention to a particular object or area of a room. It’s useful for highlighting artwork, sculpture, or architectural features. It can also be used to highlight a plant in an outdoor layout. A wide array of accent lighting fixtures Bedford Park, IL, are available. If you’re unsure which style to choose, consider adding accent lighting to an entryway, desk, or another place where you’d like to draw attention.

Recessed lighting

Recessed lighting fixtures require special wiring, a transformer, and a professional electrician. If you do not have much experience installing electrical fixtures, you should hire an electrician. Additionally, many municipalities require that you obtain a permit before installing recessed lighting. Before you begin, consult the manufacturer’s manual for installation instructions. Also, be sure to check the wiring diagram for proper spacing.

Pendant lights

The different pendant lights are categorized according to their shapes, materials, and functions. While pendants are great for task lighting and eye candy, certain design specifications are more appropriate for different rooms. These lights are versatile, so you can get several types to fit your needs.


Traditionally, chandeliers were large ceiling lights, but many different styles are available today. These lighting fixtures can be found in most home rooms, from simple to formal. Choosing the right one depends on the type of lighting you want to create, the size of your room, and your budget.

Wall sconces

Several types of wall sconces exist, including wall sconces with multiple lights. The style of a sconce can be determined by several factors, including its shape, finish, and shade. In addition to the shade, a wall sconce can also be made with reflective materials or colors. However, some designs do not include a shade.

Flush-mount ceiling lights

If you’re shopping for a new ceiling light fixture, it’s essential to understand the different types and styles of these fixtures. Flush-mount ceiling lights sit directly against the ceiling and look best in rooms with lower ceilings. These fixtures are also available in several types to complement any existing design scheme. Flush-mount lights also feature updated sizes, styles, finishes, and design elements. You may also wish to consider globe-style lights for rooms with low ceilings. For example, you can find globe-style flush-mount fixtures with contemporary brass detailing. Or, you may prefer a lantern-style flush-mount fixture with four lights.

Track lighting

There are several types of track lighting. The most popular are two-wire and three-wire. The two-wire system is less expensive and easier to install, but the three-wire track is more common and required by code in some areas. The third wire is used for grounding. If you’re installing track lighting in a commercial building, you’ll want to ensure that the track head matches the fixture. Some bulbs won’t fit in track lighting fixtures, and you may end up with an electrical fire if you use an incandescent or LED bulb.