So What Are Teplo Ties?

Wall ties are an essential element in the strength and stability of cavity walls, but by crossing the cavity they act as a thermal bridge between the internal and external leaves. Generally speaking, the wider the insulated cavity, the more substantial the wall tie needs to be and the greater the effect the tie has on the u-value of the wall.The teplo tie is a wall tie which is made up of a composite material based on basalt fibre and this composite is resistant to corrosion whilst also being alkali resistant. This particular wall tie is a lot stronger and lighter than the stainless steel wall ties. In addition to this and perhaps the most important is that improvements can be made to the thermal insulation of walls because the teplo tie is twenty times less thermally conductive than stainless steel and thus can remove the thermal bridges which are created by the stainless steel wall ties.Teplo ties improve the thermal insulation of walls through removing the thermal bridges which are created by the traditional stainless steel wall ties. Customers, architects and contractors have been able to improve energy efficiency of buildings and reduce the overall C02 emissions of the building through the significant improvement of the U value in the masonry walls because of teplo ties.With a thermal conductivity of just 0.7w/mk they are highly professional wall ties and can be used in traditional cavity sizes of just 50mm-100mm but the U value is of most significance at 150mm+ cavities.Due to the finish which is provided by the teplo ties, the sand finish they act as an excellent mortar key. In addition to this each tie is supplied with an end cap which will reduce the risk of this penetrating through anything on site and causing injury.So shortly speaking, teplo wall ties minimise heat transfer through thermal bridging, improving the energy-efficiency of a wall and reduce the overall CO2 emission.The most common size of teplo ties are:225mm- cavity size 55-100mm

275mm-cavity size 105-150mm

325mm-cavity size 155-200mmSure there are many other sizes available on the market, but these are the most common ones.Wall ties are an extremely important structural component that maintain stability within masonry panels. We are able to supply a number of wall ties in a whole range of lengths and types for use in a variety of applications to restrain and stabilise brickwork, blockwork and stonework.