Dangerous Carpet Cleaning Chemicals To Avoid

Getting a spotless carpet isn’t hard to do with help from Superior Carpet Cleaning Services. Still, if you’re someone who’s extra paranoid about keeping your carpet stain-free, you might be guilty of using a few less-than-helpful products without even knowing it. Some of the most widely-spread carpet cleaning tips involve using harmful chemicals like bleach to clean your rug rather than going for all-natural alternatives. Luckily, no matter what kind of carpet you’re dealing with, you can usually find an organic cleaning solution that won’t introduce your rug or your family to harm. Before you shop for new carpet cleaning supplies, here are some chemicals to keep far away from in the future.


Even if you know absolutely nothing about propane, you probably recognize it as something that goes in your car engine, which means that it’s probably best to limit physical contact. However, propane is a more dangerous chemical than most people are aware of. Despite this, it’s an ingredient that shows up in more than a few household carpet cleaning solutions. Always check the ingredient list first before you purchase anything too heavy duty, you could end up saving yourself a headache at least, and a fainting spell at worst.


Though butane can be a fairly common product found in everything from hash oil to cigarette lighters, it should never be ingested, either in refined oil or fume form. When our bodies ingest butane, it can mimic the feeling of a high before sending the body into fits of nausea, vomiting, and other fever symptoms. For this reason, you want to stay away from any product that uses butane as a key ingredient.

Hydrofluoric Acid

Some acids, like glycolic and lactic acid, do wonders for your skin. Hydrofluoric acid, which is found in several home and carpet cleaning projects, sadly has the opposite effect. This harmful acid has the potential to erode the skin, causing severe burns and poisoning on contact. Even if you’re cleaning your rug with gloves and all the right protective gear, you want to stay far away from this acid if you want to protect your own health and the lifespan of your carpet. As a hard and fast rule, don’t bring any poisonous or highly flammable acids into your home if you can help it. You’ll be protecting your home as well as your family’s personal health.

Sodium Bisulfite

Don’t be taken in by the odorless, harmless appearance of sodium bisulfate. This chemical might look neutral, but make no mistake: it will have a far from neutral effect on your air quality and health. This common food additive can cause serious reactions and allergies if ingested. All sulfites should generally be avoided at all costs, but sodium bisulfite is something you should pay close attention to when checking your cleaning products for harmful ingredients. While you’re at it, check ingredient labels on common food items as well. You can never be too careful when it comes to avoiding exposure to harmful, dangerous chemicals.