4 Ways to Give Your Garage a Finished Look

A finished garage can add value to your home. It will make the interior of the garage look more spacious and it will make going out in the garage to retrieve something you’ve stored or to use your workbench much more pleasant.Here are 4 things to do for a garage with a finished look!
You might want to start with the walls since they are the most visible part of the garage – if you haven’t stacked so much stuff against them that they can’t be seen, but we’ll get to that later! One quick fix for the walls is simply nailing up peg board to the studs. It looks good and it will give you a place to hang tools, garden equipment and even bikes. If you want to raise the level another notch, you can probably do-it-yourself. Use drywall screws to secure drywall to the studs and smooth out the area between boards. You can stop here and paint with a semi-gloss or glossy paint. Choose them over a flat paint as they’ll be easier to clean and will reflect light to make the space look bigger and brighter. If you want to go all the way, consider texturing the walls before you paint. Spray on texture is available.

Look up – the ceiling might be next. Is it insulated? If not, you can do it. The cheapest way to do this is to add fiberglass insulation. You’ll want to wear goggles and a mask so it doesn’t irritate your body. Install drywall over the insulation for a completed look. If you’re serious about keeping out the cold or the heat, consider having a professional spray insulation to seal all areas.

Spiff up the floors. How do you use your garage? If you’re parking your car and want to save money, clean the floor with a power washer and paint! A much better look and not too hard. If you’re using the garage as a workspace or, even, using it to entertain for children’s parties or large gatherings, consider buying some outdoor carpet that you can roll down as needed in whatever area you choose. Looking for something more permanent? Have epoxy flooring installed professionally. If you’re a talented do-it-yourselfer you may be able to handle project but follow all steps carefully.

No matter if you park your car in the garage, have a workshop area or even a man cave, you are probably using it for storage. Quit stacking boxes on top of boxes. You can nail shelving to the studs or add stud-mounted cabinets, drawers and counters. Or, you can go quick and easy with rolling shelves and stand-alone, wheeled cabinets that can be moved out of the way for garage maintenance.
These four projects are going to make your garage more useful and more attractive. But, no matter how you use your garage or how neat you keep the interior, make sure your garage is safe. Your garage door should have yearly maintenance from a garage door company to make sure the door will open and close correctly, the auto reverse works and the springs and cables are secure.