Pest Control: Reasons to Include Pest Control When Remodelling Your Home

“Coats of paint don’t make this house a home. But with every room we paint, we are changing it to our own. Piece by piece, wall by wall, we build a place of peace for us all until the house is a picture of the love we feel.” – Eric Overby, Senses

Are you considering remodeling your home, stripping the insides so that you can rebuild one room at a time?

If so, it is critical not to forget to add in pest control to your remodeling plan. In fact, the best time to call in the Boise pest control specialists is once the house’s interior has been gutted.


The best way to answer the “why” is to consider the following reasons why pest control is a vital part of the home renovation process.

Pests are a health hazard and compromise food sources

Not only do pests like rats and mice contaminate food sources as they run over them and eat bits, leaving saliva and feces on the food, but they and the fleas that they host can also carry the Bubonic Plague bacterium known as Yersinia pestis.

As an aside, the Black Death or Bubonic Plague destroyed about 50% of the human population in Europe and Asia during the latter part of the Twelfth Century. It is natural to assume that the Bubonic Plague has disappeared; however, there have been instances of the Plague in the United States between 1970 and 2018.

Thus, it is vital to remove all signs of rats and mice in your home before you start to rebuild each room. Furthermore, it is equally important to remove possible nesting places and entry points so these rodents cannot get into your home.

Pests destroy wooden structures

Most of the houses in the USA are constructed from wood. According to the website Sustainability For All,wooden houses are a more ecological and economical alternative” to dwellings built out of brick and mortar.

The challenge with wooden houses primarily houses built from untreated wood, is that pests like termites love eating wood. Their role in the natural ecosystem is to break down the tough cellulose found in tree branches by eating it. They also derive nutrients from the cellulose in wood. However, if left unchecked, they can destroy a wooden home in an extremely short space of time.

Therefore, it is critical that, during the remodeling process, you make sure that no termites are lurking in the wooden structure.

Pests are an irritant to people

Finally, pests like bedbugs are not a health hazard in that you will not die if bitten by a bedbug. They are attracted to human settlements because they will find an accessible source of food. They are usually active between midnight and five in the morning. One of the best ways to determine whether there are bedbugs in your home is if you or your family members wake up in the morning with many insect bites.

Unfortunately, they are challenging to find and very difficult to kill. Thus, it is vital to schedule regular pesticide treatments to make sure that the infestation in your home is killed off and does not reoccur.