How To Clean Various Types of Floors

If there is one type of floor covering that has gained popularity in recent years, it is laminate flooring. Its great advantage is the ease with which it is installed and that its cleaning and maintenance is relatively simple. They provide the same elegance as traditional wooden floors, but are much less delicate. This does not mean that certain precautions should not be taken when cleaning wooden floors. In order not to make mistakes, it is best to consult with the installer from the first moment. Fresh Air Cleaning at knows what to do in each specific case.

How to Take Care of Laminate Flooring

However, there are some generic measures that must be taken in all cases. One of the biggest enemies of laminate flooring is the effect of the sun’s rays. If there is an area in which these were installed, it is better that you place a curtain or other screen to avoid too much exposure. In addition, you can use rugs or relocate the furniture so that the flooring does suffer discoloration. Another issue that you have to consider is scratching. Walking in heels on a wooden floor or laminate floor is not a good idea. In addition, you have to be very careful with the furniture, especially when dragging chairs to a new location in the home. It is highly recommended that protectors are placed under the bases of all furniture before you move them.

Protecting Your Floors

Doormats are also good allies. For example, if you are not used to shaking your shoes before entering the house, it is important that you should because this will avoid you entering the house with sand on your shoes and other debris, which can be harmful to these floors. In recent times, new materials have emerged for floor covering that have obvious advantages. There are still many people who prefer to choose wood over any other flooring material. Their undoubted elegance and the warmth they bring to the space in which they are placed are two of their most attractive factors.


There are many types of wood for floors, all of them with some essential points in common. It is important that they are installed correctly, preferably by professionals, and that they receive the appropriate completion process. However, it is just as important that the maintenance of floors is carried out in the proper way so that they retain their qualities for years. To begin with, the sweeping or vacuuming of these floors should be frequent. It is better to vacuum a carpeted floor. In any case, the aim is to avoid scratching the wood with tiny particles of dust, sand, or dirt. It is best to hire a cleaning professional at so that it can be done the right way.