How To Prevent And Eliminate Calcium In Your Swimming Pool

If you’ve ever noticed white or gray stains along the side of your pool and across your ladder, it’s likely calcium levels are building across your pool. Calcium scale can build up across the pipes and along the titles. It’s more than just an unsightly look, as it can irritate your eyes and your skin if it’s left unchecked.

Why Does Calcium Scale Form?

Water contains many minerals such as calcium and when your water is balanced with a low level of calcium, you won’t have to worry about the scale. Here are some reasons why calcium deposits build up in your pool.

Chemical Imbalances

As the water inside your pool heats up, the calcium scale starts to form. This scale occurs because of a high pH or high alkaline reading in the water. You can prevent this from happening by keeping the pH inside the water between 7.2 and 7.8.

Hard Water

Water that contains a high trace amount of minerals like calcium can be considered hard water. High levels of calcium can be present inside your home water supply and you may have spotted it in your faucets, showers, pipes and surfaces. A whole home water softening solution may be needed if you experience ongoing problems with hard water throughout other fixtures and as you fill up your pool.


When the sun continues to beat down on your pool, water evaporation can cause calcium scale as well. If too much water continues to evaporate this will leave behind calcium. Covering your pool when it’s not being used can help to prevent this.

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