3 Great Design Tips for Creating a Zen-Inspired Bathroom

Wondering how you can create a more relaxing space to get ready in the morning and wind down at night? Many homeowners are using Zen design principles to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional space. Here are three great design tips to help you turn your bathroom into a Zen-inspired retreat.

  1. Incorporate Natural Materials

The best way to create a Zen-like bath space is to incorporate the beauty of nature into the design of the room. Gorgeous wood provides warmth to any interior space, and you can bring the natural beauty of wood into your bathroom by installing a custom vanity. Consult an expert cabinet company West Palm Beach FL to design and build the perfect vanity for your space. Pair your new cabinet with a solid stone countertop for the most organic look.

  1. Declutter the Room

There are plenty of things you need in your bathroom as part of your everyday routine. Soaps, towels, haircare products and other bathroom essentials don’t look too great if they’re spread out all over the bathroom. An interesting design tip is to install a shelf above your bathroom door to hold some of these items. When clutter is out of sight, it’s much easier to clear your mind and relax.

  1. Install Quality Lighting

Good lighting is so important in a bathroom because it’s where you get ready each day. Install sconces with LED lights around your vanity mirror – placing the lights next to the mirror instead of above it helps to create the effect of natural light on your face. In addition, add style and drama to the room by installing LED strip lights behind your mirror and below the toe-kick of your vanity cabinet.

A bathroom update is just what you need to live a more relaxing and balanced lifestyle. Follow the tips above to create a comfortable space that elevates your daily routine.