3 Bathroom Improvements To Try This Year

If you have been putting off home improvements around your bathroom, why not make it the time to change that right now? Whether the room could use a new color or you have been thinking about a different style tub, there are many ways to redesign and decorate.

Outside of appearances, however, maybe you have hard water Tampa or internal piping issues that you need to upgrade or repair. Whether you totally renovate the wallpaper and floor or you install a high-quality water softener, the possibilities are endless. Check out these additional three ideas for even more bathroom inspiration.

  1. Create a Textured Tile Shower Floor

For homeowners with a standup shower, it can sometimes be difficult to find ways to make this setup more visually appealing. Luckily, that is where adding tiles to the floor can make all the difference. By creating a textured tile shower floor, you can completely change the look of the area. Think about fun colors and designs you might make.

  1. Build a Shower Window

Another great bathroom improvement to consider is building a shower window. Because many bathrooms do not have windows, it can be challenging to imagine the difference some natural light can make, but it can turn the room around. Even a small window near the ceiling can make a drastic change.

  1. Add Heated Flooring 

For people who live in cold regions, walking in the bathroom on winter mornings can be a chilly experience. Similarly, getting out of the shower can sometimes be uncomfortably cold, too. To remedy these situations and add an extra layer of comfort to the room, think about adding heated flooring. Although you may not realize it, having warm feet can take your comfort to a whole new level.

Using this list for inspiration, make your bathroom the focus of your next home improvement project.