Your Own Steam Shower

Today, we’re finding that several extravagances formerly available only in a spa setting are now treats in which we can indulge in our own homes. Beyond the masseur or masseuse who makes house calls and the popularity of hot tubs, several people are building their own saunas. For those that don’t have the room for a home sauna, there are ways of converting your shower into a steam shower.

How To

Depending on your skill level, you may have to call a plumber or an electrician to install your steam shower kit. You may be able to handle the plumbing part of building a steam shower or the installation of the lights usually associated with steam showers, but many homeowners don’t have the skillset for both. There are tutorials on the internet for homeowners to follow if you’re planning on doing it all yourself. Also, if you’re purchasing your kit from a reputable company, they’ll include good instructions as well as having help available to you via the usual methods.


Why should you even consider a steam shower, though? Isn’t your regular shower doing the job? Your regular shower is to get you clean. A steam shower, however, has many other benefits. If you’re focused on improving your overall health and well-being, you’ll find a steam shower improves your circulation, thereby leading to a healthier heart. Steam showers are also shown to lower blood pressure, in part because of that improved circulation and in part because your body releases a hormone in a steam shower that relaxes you and regulates your blood pressure. Soaking up a steam shower can reduce your body’s production of the stress hormone cortisol, too.

Beyond helping your brain and heart, your sinuses with thank you for the steam, too, as it reduces congestion. Your muscles and joints will hop on the gratitude bandwagon, especially if you’re physically active because time in a steam shower increases your healing ability after workouts. The moist heat has also been shown to help more quickly than dry heat. Don’t forget that the exposure to the shower’s increased temperature will help you burn calories and open up your pores to rid your body of the toxins trapped in your skin. Another health benefit is a boosted immune system. The cells that fight infection are stimulated by the warm water.

Consider investing in a steam shower for your own home use. The benefits are worth it.