Types of Windows

Windows come in various unique styles, shapes, and sizes that vary depending on individual needs. The styles and shapes are helpful to allow ventilation and sufficient penetration of natural light. The different styles include the following;

Single and double-hung windows

It is the traditional style of windows that open vertically. The sash acts as a frame, and in double-hung windows, it slides in both ways allowing the window to open fully, allowing good circulation. Single-hung windows slide in one direction and leave the other part permanently fixed.

Sliding windows

They are different from the single and double-hung in that a horizontal movement opens them. Double sliding casement windows open outwards with hinges on the side with the help of a handle. The casement window allows for partial air circulation. They are mainly used for bathrooms and other places with minimal movement.

Bay windows

Type of windows that allow entry of natural light at different angles. Architects mostly use bay windows to make projections and angles on a building structure. They are commonly used in family rooms and kitchens that need an efficient flow of air.

Awning windows

They are the type of windows with hinges at the top and open outwards with screens attached to the interior. When open, the glass pane protects the interior from rain. Awning windows are ideal for basements.

Louvered windows

Louvered windows have several strips of tilted glasses, and a lever opens them. Their design allows for air circulation even when closed. They are common in mild temperate areas. The major shortcoming of louvered windows is a source security threat. They are easy to break or even remove.

Picture windows

They are large glasses place in the middle of a wall to enhance broad views and natural light. They are ideal for areas that do not need the flow of air since they do not open. Picture windows are not prone to air leakage, but the big window panes can gain a lot of heat.

Jalousie windows

They are cheap solutions to hot weather conditions where air conditioning is not necessary. They have glass slats that can be opened and closed simultaneously to provide maximum airflow. Jalousie windows are narrow and provide limited views. Just like louvers, they offer minimal security.

Selection of the most appropriate window for your house is vital as the choice determines the ability to conserve energy. Windows are designed for optimum energy conservation. Denver Window Company deals with the different types of windows and installation. Properly styled windows allow natural ventilation and add an aspect of beauty to your home.

It is also important to choose the ideal window frame for your house and the security element. In modern times, windows need security fittings that do not alter the design of your windows. There are several types of secure windows found in the market that make your house both good-looking and secure. The function of windows in a house is to allow light in and safeguard your house. The best choice of a window type should guarantee safety, light, and proper air circulation in your house.