Three Essentials to Ensure Fire Prevention and Safety for a Healthcare Facility

Fire prevention and safety are imperative for any industry. It carries more significance in the healthcare industry. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities work like home to patients who may not evacuate without professional help.

As a healthcare facility manager, you need to take additional care to ensure everyone’s safety in the organization. While you might already have set up some fire safety procedures, it is necessary to upgrade these systems for your healthcare safety.

Let’s look at some vital aspects of fire prevention and safety here.

  1. Monitor Kitchen and Fire Suppressions Systems

Cooking equipment can be one of the primary causes of fire in any organization. According to the NFPPA, 66 percent of fire incidences in healthcare facilities are because of cooking equipment. Although it is a shocking number, these fires usually do not spread beyond the kitchen or the cooking equipment. Therefore, monitoring your kitchens and fire suppressions systems from time to time is a must. Work with a professional fire professional contractor to inspect and service your kitchen fire suppression systems from time to time.

  1. Smoking Rules 

If your healthcare facility has many flammable chemicals, make sure to pay additional attention to oxygen tanks. Smoking near oxygen suppliers can put your hospital at risk. Establish clear rules for patients requiring oxygen. Educate everyone on the consequences of smoking around the oxygen supply system. If possible, establish a designated smoking area in your healthcare facility to minimize accidents.

  1. Maintain Regular Inspection and Servicing for Fire Suppression System  

Fire suppression systems, sprinklers systems, and fire extinguishers installed in your healthcare facility aim to protect everyone and everything around. Hiring a reliable fire protection company to inspect and service these fire prevention and safety systems has undeniable importance in keeping them working at all times.