Take Care of Your Lawn This Fall With These 3 Tips

Fall’s colder weather means that grass and other plants in your yard will slow down their growth. However, you will still need to maintain your lawn to prepare it for the following seasons. While professional lawn care Hinesville GA is the most helpful solution, there are some basics you can enact to protect it during these cooler conditions.

  1. Continue Cutting

Even though the weather makes lawnmowing less appealing, it is important to continue doing it until winter frost arrives, since it will continue to grow until then. Letting it grow too much allows organisms like early spring’s snow mold to develop over it and ruin the area. Maintain the normal cutting height between 2 1/2 to 3 inches. Anything less than that disrupts the roots, leaves the area vulnerable to cold and makes it difficult for the grass to grow back.

  1. Remove All Leaves

The trees throughout your yard will shed colorful leaves during this time. Even though they decorate the area nicely, you will need to rake them to prevent future issues. These dead leaves can block sunlight and contain moisture, which can disrupt the grass’s healthy development. Even if the trees are bare, the wind can still blow them from other nearby trees. Make the raking much easier by using the lawnmower on large leaf piles so it chops them up into useful mulch.

  1. Seed the Bare Spots

The end of summertime will produce some bare spots in your lawn that require your attention. The best way to remedy this issue is by overseeding these areas during this time. This season has the ideal combination of warmth, coolness and moisture for seed germination. Make sure the seeds fully touch the soil to get the best results. Contact a lawn professional if this task proves too difficult.

Lawn maintenance is still necessary even after summer ends. Use autumn to conduct necessary lawn care and preparation for the winter.