Know the Type of Lighting Before Buying Fixtures

Lighting for your interior offers illumination as well as an awesome look of a space when done perfectly. On the other hand, if you over-illuminate, then it will result in causing headache, tired eyes and such. To choose the perfect style of lighting for your interior, you need to know the types of lightings available.

Of the two main types of lighting, natural and artificial, everyone knows about the natural lighting which is from sunlight. It differs depending on where you live and it is difficult to control. Rooms flooded with natural light may not look attractive while warm lightings provide you welcoming options for your interior.

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To fulfill your different needs like, working, crafting, dining, relaxing, you need different types of lighting.

General Lighting

General or ambient lighting provide any aesthetic look to the space but provides uniform glow to the entire space. This kind of lighting illuminates as much space as possible.  You will get the option to dim the light whenever it is needed.

To get ambient lighting you can choose anything like, ceiling mounted fixtures, chandeliers, track light, table or floor lamp.

Task Lighting

As the name implies task lighting is used to provide lighting to the task a person carries out like, reading, drawing etc., To get pleasant illumination avoid using harsh lights. Moreover, you will get eye strain from the contrast of excess light and dark.

Balanced-arm lamps, pendant lightings, desk lamps, are some of the best light sources for task lighting especially for reading.

For kitchen, where you need perfect lighting for cooking easier and safer, recessed downlights over the worktops or low pendent lights over the cooking island can be the best option.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is used to mainly focus and highlight some specific area of the room, especially to highlight architectural features, or to focus on collection of objects etc., actually you will need to install three times as many lighting as when compared to ambient lighting to get the focus.

Fixture options available for this type of lighting includes, track light, wall-mounted fixtures, directional recessed fixtures, wall scones, picture lighting and cove lighting.

Mood Lighting

When you want to create a special atmosphere within a room, your option is mood lighting. It provides soft lighting and enhances the environment you are in. You can also achieve this with your general lighting if there is a dimmer provision. In that case you can use the full brightness during the day and keep it dim to create a mood during evenings.

With these ideas you can apply proper lighting and make one room serves multiple purposes. Before choosing the light source, decide the purpose of your room. If you are not sure about lighting specific areas, start from ambient lighting and make changes according to the need.