How to Mow Your Lawn the Fastest Way

Lawn mowing is never easy, and you might hate doing it. But then there’s no shortcut to it if you cannot afford to hire someone to do it. If you leave your lawn unattended, it can start to look atrocious, and walking on it can be hard. Neglecting the grass for long will also make the task double as you’ll use more energy to do it. Since you have to clear the grass around your house to make your compound attractive, it’s better to learn the mowing tricks to help you do it faster. But which ways can we use to make the process faster and avoid struggling on the sun longer? Read on and understand the fastest ways to mow your lawn.

Begin with Areas Having Features

Features on your lawn are trees, flower gardens, and pathways. Having these features on your lawn can make you spend more time mowing. To avoid that, first test different ways that will enhance your speed. Look at your lawn’s shape, size and then choose the method to go for. After identifying that, start mowing on the sides having these barriers. Starting with that area is necessary as it requires time and attentiveness. If you first finish with these features, the chances of damage are low since you’ll be attentive. Plus, finishing off with the other part is also easy as you’ll not require much energy and attention.

Mow in Rows

Another way to finish mowing faster is with a riding lawn mower. But first, choose the direction to go with depending on the shape of your lawn. If it’s shorter but with a wider width, work on horizontal rows. Working on longer sides will reduce the number of trips you’ll make with the mower saving on time.

But if your lawn has a longer length with a short width, mow in rows parallel to the width to save on time. Doing this will reduce the number of turns you make, making you finish mowing faster. Having a square lawn doesn’t require you to work in a particular direction as any will do. But ensure you overlap the rows to avoid leaving out some parts with longer grass.

Go in Double Spiral Pattern

Mowing in a circular pattern is a better way to finish faster. But its disadvantage is that you’ll be working towards the center. So, after you’re done mowing, you’ll have to walk back dragging the mower, which may damage the vegetation on the lawn. To avoid finishing at the center, mow in a double spiral pattern. This pattern is almost similar to mowing in circles; the only difference is that you leave a row unattended between the rows you’ve mowed.

After reaching the middle, you turn back with your mower in an S pattern and finish the rows you didn’t mow. Using this pattern will make you finish mowing at the other edge opposite where you started from.

Work in Circles

Another way of reducing the turns you’ll make while mowing is the circular pattern. You’ll be working toward the same direction making similar turns saving on time. The turns you’ll be making while using this pattern will also not be sharp, so moving the mower around will also be easy. Another thing with this pattern is that you can easily identify the spots you’ve left out, so you’ll be doing a clean job within no time. Mowing in a circular pattern will also make it easy to work on areas with features like a tree.


Apart from using different patterns to mow your lawn, you can do it faster if you’ve been maintaining it regularly. Also, the time when you start mowing will determine your speed. For example, if you mow in the morning when the grass is still soft, you’ll do it faster than when they’ve become harder during the day. Mowing on wet grass will also take your time, so don’t do it immediately it rains or before the dew dries off.