How to Maintain Your Hot Tub to Keep it Looking New

Knowing the maintenance basics to keep your hot tub in tip-top shape will prevent costly repair fees in the future. Create a schedule for cleaning, water checks and equipment inspections so you can enjoy your hot tub, problem free, for years. Have a file readily available with your spa’s critical information, which includes make and model, water capacity and age. This will help you find maintenance tips for your specific spa and if a problem does arise, you’ll have the information the repairman needs. To avoid costly issues, protect your hot top with a simple care routine.

Clean Your Hot Tub

Regular cleaning is a must to hinder unsightly scum from building up in your spa. A quick wipe down with a sponge and some vinegar weekly is a great start. Every few months a deeper clean can be done when you refill your tub. When the tub is clear of water, use a vinegar spray to wipe down all areas of your hot tub, including jets. Don’t forget to clean the cover since mildew can build up with the amount of moisture available. It’s also a good idea to clean your filters often. Spray them when you do your weekly wipe downs and for a deeper clean let them soak in a hot tub cleaner. To deep clean your tub, drain it completely every three to four months and refill with fresh water.

Check the Water Chemistry

Another important aspect of hot tub maintenance is proper water chemistry. You need to test the pH and alkalinity levels of your water weekly with test strips or a liquid test kit. Test kits and the chemicals needed to balance your water can be found at Sunrise Spas Pittsburgh PA or online. If you haven’t used your hot tub recently, you may need to shock it. Shocking sanitizes your tub thoroughly and should be done often to keep your water clean.

Follow a Maintenance Schedule

When it comes to hot tub maintenance, consistency is key and you have to have a simple maintenance schedule that’s easy to follow. Create lists for what needs to happen weekly, monthly and seasonally. Make sure to include cleanings, equipment inspections and draining days. Along with your regular upkeep tasks, hiring a professional yearly for a tune-up can ensure you’re keeping your hot tub in fantastic working condition.

Taking the time to learn how to care for your hot tub will save you future headaches and allow you to fully relax when you sink into the warm bubbles.