How To Find a Reputable Moving Company

Moving can be stressful, whether you are moving across the street or the country. Finding the right mover should take the anxiety out of moving, but first, you should take the stress out of finding a mover. Here are some tips to help you.

Look for Reviews

To find moving companies St Louis start by looking for positive reviews online. You can get valuable information about a mover’s work ethic and efficiency by hearing about other people’s experiences.

Look for Services You Need

Whether you need storage, packing assistance or assembling of furniture, choose a mover that can provide most of what you require. A full-service mover can make any move more efficient.

Look for Specialization

Sometimes it is best to move some items separately. For example, pianos require specialized equipment, climate control and expertise for disassembling and handling that a standard mover may not have. Some furnishings may need cranes to move them through windows. If you suspect that your items are not suitable for conventional moving techniques, be sure to discuss this with any movers you are considering to ensure they can provide proper accommodations and avoid difficulties on your moving day.

Look for Experience

Look for a mover that has experience with the kind of move you need. Local and long-distance moves require different levels of preparation and scheduling. Experienced movers can make informed decisions about timing, proportions, weight and workforce requirements to ensure the safety of your items.

Ask About Registration 

If you are moving within Louisiana, find a mover registered with the Louisiana Public Service Commission, which oversees public service safety and pricing. If your move involves crossing state lines, only consider moving companies with a registration number from The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Department of Transportation. This number can help you discover background details, including safety records, road performance, complaints and insurance details.

Ask About Insurance

Every moving company should carry insurance for various reasons, including accidents and liability that affect clients. The potential for accidents should be a concern with every move. If damages to your personal property or building’s structure occur during a move, the mover’s insurance should cover replacement, repair or reimbursement.

Compare Quotes

Obtain written quotes from at least two movers. Typically, movers charge by the hour or the day and some long-distance movers charge by the mile from one location to the other. Your quote should include a maximum cost and any fees or road tolls to ensure that you budget accordingly.

Finding a moving company that can accommodate your unique situation is the first step toward a trouble-free move.