Cracking the party tent code

A party tent must offer enough space so that your guests can sit comfortably. Don’t forget the additional area for the buffet, the decoration and of course the dance floor. Roughly, you can calculate about 0.8 square meters for a seated person. The escape routes and passageways should also be included in the total area.

Outsourcing of the ceremony

Many a wedding celebration has done the bridal couple more harm than good, for example if it took place in the house and furniture or valuable objects were damaged or stolen. Drunk guests cannot behave and the neighbours feel harassed. The obligatory club house is always a very good solution for club members, but caution is advised here too.

Despite all the joy of the wedding, what is inadvertently destroyed by the celebrants must also be replaced here. Here, too, you can use your own wedding tent as an alternative. Possible damage and contamination remain manageable. The guests are protected from wind and weather and most of the party tents are heated. Depending on the area, they also offer space for party games and casual entertainment. The ambience in the american tent is also very atmospheric, the design options from rustic to luxurious.

So every taste can be served. And best of all: your apartment stays free from the hustle and bustle of the party. Did you know, by the way, that renting a party tent is not always the better alternative? Three rents roughly correspond to the purchase price of a party tent.

A party tent is also available as a combination tent, so the size can be set variably, it is therefore also suitable for smaller celebrations in the garden.

Celebration equipment

Sufficient seating should be available so that the guests feel comfortable. Benches and tables are particularly suitable. The lighting, which can easily be attached to the party tent, is also important. Here, too, there are different variants, from battery-operated light sources to LED lamps, there are no limits to the imagination. As a mood maker, a beautiful decoration for the wedding celebration is of course also essential.