Building Maintenance 

Proper building management can save you money. To best ensure your building is well taken care of, come up with a list of maintenance tasks. You can break these tasks up by those you do daily, weekly, monthly, annually, or on an as-needed basis. When coming up with this list, think carefully about what your specific building may need. Here are a few of the possible issues you may need to add to your list.

Plumbing Concerns

Most buildings these days have plumbing systems in some form. No matter the size of your building, it likely has toilets, sinks, and maybe even a sprinkler system. While some routine maintenance can be performed by a standard plumber, it’s a great idea to hire a plumbing company that specializes in commercial repairs. This plumber can conduct a sewer smoke test if your pipes leak or conduct regular maintenance like flushing out the system. Don’t let everything get too backed up, though!

HVAC Issues

Depending on your region’s climate and the time of year, your building may count on heating or air conditioning. You must regularly perform checks on your HVAC system to try to prevent any large issues and keep your system in excellent working condition. Not only will taking care of your HVAC make it last longer, it could also save you money! Keeping your vents clean and system highly operational will make it cheaper and easier to operate.

Roof Repairs

Keep an eye on your roof! A myriad of problems can arise if your building’s roof falls into disrepair. You can check on it yourself, but you should also hire a reliable roofer to monitor the roof’s aging and check for leaks. This may not need to be done weekly, but it should be done more often than you might think.

When maintaining your building, you should monitor and regularly maintain the plumbing and HVAC systems, as well as the roof.